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The Patent Game is a book written specifically for inventors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders that want to improve their patent knowledge – or, as I refer to it, IP IQ – to leverage patents as a key driver of business value. 

About the author

Vance is a constant learner and passionate teacher, an active angel investor, a connector, patent attorney, law firm partner and a cheerleader for early stage and growth businesses.

Learn from the best. Join innovators from all over the world that have learned from Vance how to maximize company value by leveraging patent assets.

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In our first series of The Patent Game Podcast, The Basics, we’ll break down the foundational elements of the patent process in bite-sized (and sometimes moderately entertaining) chunks. We’ll cover patent application types, tricks and tools, the anatomy of a patent, and other practical information you can apply directly to your business or innovation.​


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