Vance is hands down, the best IP attorney in the tri-state area. What he did for me and my company was nothing short of a miracle!

Up against a hard deadline, Vance was able to draft two very large US patent applications as well as two PCT applications. This was all done in two short weeks!! Eight months later we received a notification of allowance on one of our applications and are anticipating the same result on our other applications.

What Vance brings to the table is a unbelievable work ethic, clear and concise communication, an ability to push his clients to think beyond their initial idea. He’s a strategist, always thinking of what is going to be in the best interest of his clients moving forward.

His job doesn’t end there….he is a connector, a cultivator of dreams. Connecting us with an outstanding regulatory expert as well as a very successful CFO, has allowed us to move faster and more efficiently than we ever could have imagined.

I would recommend Vance VanDrake III to anyone and everyone who is in need of an intellectual property attorney.