Vance helped my company write its first patent, an important outcome. But its his process that makes him such a valuable part of our team. I met Vance through a lecture he gave to a number of entrepreneurs at the Hamilton County Business Center. His engaging style and deep knowledge of the intellectual property space were immediately evident. When I requested the opportunity to meet with him and explore a potential working relationship, he responded the same day (note: every subsequent request from Vance has been met the same day, often within an hour or two).

At our first meeting, he probed the entirety of our potential submission, asking questions and providing clarifying remarks that helped us deliver materials that made the assembly of our filing much simpler. His active listening style is another clear strength.

As we went through the document preparation and filing process, Vance kept me informed and asked for additional information with enough lead time to allow me to provide quality responses back.

Once our initial filing was complete, Vance has continued to actively support us. He has helped us make connections to further our capital raising efforts. He has been both a guide and a sounding board to assess potential additional filings. And he has such a positive attitude — it always makes working with him a pleasure.

I cannot recommend this individual more highly. If you need an intellectual property attorney, Vance should be the first person you call.