Startups love working with him

Vance has always been at the top of my short list when it comes to IP legal advice for startups. He is able to take the relatively complex and boring (sorry) topic of IP and make it extremely engaging and entertaining. My clients (startups) love working with him which is testament enough for me to continue working with him.

JB Woodruff

Dynamic, engaging speaker

Vance was a dynamic and engaging speaker for our IP webinar for nonprofits. He managed to connect and engage with our webinar participants, which is a challenge for most webinars! He presented the information in a clear and understandable way and provided relevant examples and action steps for our nonprofit audience. He managed to make a potentially dry legal topic into an informative and entertaining presentation. We would absolutely have Vance share his expertise again!

Veronica Tollefson

The best in the business!

Vance has played an integral part in my business and has provided me with the best possible advice and guidance in an otherwise hard-to-navigate world of IP and digital. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend him to anyone given the services and knowledge he’s provided and would advise anyone reading this to do the same.


Excellent and high-experienced in IP law

I am happy to cooperate with Vance. He always gives me and my company the best expertise and advice on the patent issues. He patiently and thoroughly answered and explained each of my endless questions.
Vance, please accept my heartful thank you for your endless support.


Can’t recommend Vance enough

Vance has been a lifesaver for my company. We’re a new and small company, and we’ve had two major IP issues that Vance helped us work through. He did an excellent job resolving both issues and was always available to immediately answer questions and reply to emails. He did this all without even having met in person! I can honestly say that we would most likely not be in business today if we didn’t have Vance on our side.

Vance did an incredible job, took our case very seriously even though we’re small client, and was an absolute joy to work with. I would highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity!


CEO at Mylai

I’ve known Vance since 2015 and have recently enrolled with his services as he did my trademark applications for my company. Before I used him for my IP needs, he was and still is, a phenomenal mentor and consultant for myself and my business. He has been a big supporter of my work and I am grateful that I’ve had the honor to work with him. He brings an aspect of character and friendship to the legal services industry that I wish more attorneys had. He has passion, and is a great attorney.


President, GWT

Vance has been great being flexible and informing our early stage company through the patenting process. He has been a great asset to GWT as we have grown.


Vance is top notch & truly a good person

We were searching around Cincinnati for a lawyer to help us protect our physical product and technology. After receiving Vance’s card 3 times, we had to reach out. Vance couldn’t have been more professional. He has handled our patent and communication so clearly I do not have to spend any mental energy on it. I am so thankful that we have him going to bat for us and he truly cares in the growth of our company.



Great resource for early stage entrepreneurs in need to patent expertise

Vance is on the very short list of folks we connect our early stage entrepreneurs with when it comes to looking at patents. He understands early stage companies, explains things in a very approachable manner and is it to really help them get the most for their money.



Vance is a trusted advisor and mentor

What I admire the most about Vance is how much he has done to help early stage entrepreneurs both with IP and practical business advice. He is one of the most connected people I know and Vance is always looking for ways to make introductions and help people. His firm has now helped us file 3 patents and I look forward to working with them for many years. I highly recommend Vance and his firm.


Lawyer or Magician?

Vance VanDrake is not only an outstanding lawyer but a trustworthy individual who possesses both character and class! As an early stage start-up we knew very little about the legal process much less how to begin to patent an idea. Vance patiently walked us through each step and exceeded our expectations. He explained both pros and cons and clearly advised us based on what was best for us, not looking to his own best interest financially. Vance has now helped us with three patents, one which has been fast-tracked through the patent process and the second quickly to follow! This is all a result of Vance’s knowledge and professionalism that has earned him his reputation. He is a joy to work with and an outstanding human being!



Incredibly helpful

I had 0 experience with patents or lawyers, and Vance walked me through every step of the process! As a young biomedical engineer with my first invention, Vance explained all of my options and the pros and cons of each. I recommend Vance!


Professional, engaging, responsive and customer centric

Vance helped my company write its first patent, an important outcome. But its his process that makes him such a valuable part of our team. I met Vance through a lecture he gave to a number of entrepreneurs at the Hamilton County Business Center. His engaging style and deep knowledge of the intellectual property space were immediately evident. When I requested the opportunity to meet with him and explore a potential working relationship, he responded the same day (note: every subsequent request from Vance has been met the same day, often within an hour or two).

At our first meeting, he probed the entirety of our potential submission, asking questions and providing clarifying remarks that helped us deliver materials that made the assembly of our filing much simpler. His active listening style is another clear strength.

As we went through the document preparation and filing process, Vance kept me informed and asked for additional information with enough lead time to allow me to provide quality responses back.

Once our initial filing was complete, Vance has continued to actively support us. He has helped us make connections to further our capital raising efforts. He has been both a guide and a sounding board to assess potential additional filings. And he has such a positive attitude — it always makes working with him a pleasure.

I cannot recommend this individual more highly. If you need an intellectual property attorney, Vance should be the first person you call.


Turns Idea Into Legal Fortress

Vance and his team have done great IP work for my business. I’m able to talk about my service and objectives and Vance does the rest. He’s a great listener and takes the time to truly understand. Vance also has great vision which allows him to see things that need to be addressed in order to build the best possible protection.



During my career, I have worked with several patent attorneys in medical device development. While there is no question that Vance is extremely knowledgeable in the space, the thing I enjoy the most is his ability to immerse himself into a project and function as a core team member. He worked with our team to maximize the value of existing pending applications (submitted by other firms) and provided invaluable insight into how to shape new continuations and applications to achieve our “holy grail” claims strategy. I currently work for a start-up company where Vance played a crucial role in due-diligence efforts with potential investors. He explained the value of our issued IP, laid out our continuation strategy to instill confidence in our current position, and explained where the company is heading to protect our place in the market. Vance is a great asset to any company, large or small, to get top-notch IP representation.



CEO/Founder True Concepts Medical Technologies

Vance is hands down, the best IP attorney in the tri-state area. What he did for me and my company was nothing short of a miracle!

Up against a hard deadline, Vance was able to draft two very large US patent applications as well as two PCT applications. This was all done in two short weeks!! Eight months later we received a notification of allowance on one of our applications and are anticipating the same result on our other applications.

What Vance brings to the table is a unbelievable work ethic, clear and concise communication, an ability to push his clients to think beyond their initial idea. He’s a strategist, always thinking of what is going to be in the best interest of his clients moving forward.

His job doesn’t end there….he is a connector, a cultivator of dreams. Connecting us with an outstanding regulatory expert as well as a very successful CFO, has allowed us to move faster and more efficiently than we ever could have imagined.

I would recommend Vance VanDrake III to anyone and everyone who is in need of an intellectual property attorney.



A Star

Vance did amazing work on our patent, and we were able to get amazingly good claims for work that has a very strong impact on our company’s IP portfolio. A consummate professional, I would refer any colleague to his practice!

Adam Wolf

A consummate professional

Vance and his team were able to get a difficult patent registered for one of my tech startups in record time. My B2B marketing agency has also secured numerous trademarks for our client brands and always found the team to be knowledgeable, experienced and providing great guidance without the heavy handed selling on next steps I’ve experienced with other firms.


Our go to resource for our company’s IP and business law questions

I have been working with Vance VanDrake for a couple years now. He and his firm have been helpful on matters from trademark questions to real estate lease issues to the right corporate setup after a buyout process.

While Vance is not always the attorney at the firm that executes the work, he is my trusted go-to advisor to shepherd us through all the excellent resources at his firm.

I love that even though others at the firm sometimes do the work, and even how obviously busy he seems to always be, he always makes sure to check in with me frequently to make sure that everything is going as planned. Further, he is great at helping me translate legalese into words that an entrepreneur understands.

Mark Homer

Start-up expertise

Had the pleasure of meeting Vance during a legal seminar for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Vance was the keynote speaker at the event where he spoke on the importance of Intellectual Property. I was amazed at how he was able to take complex material and make it easy to understand and relatable. Being an entrepreneur himself, allows him to bring a lot of empathy to his clients.

In subsequent meetings with Vance, I’ve been impressed by the passion and energy he brings to his clients. He’s not only a great lawyer but also a great teacher and business advisor as well.



The Regional Intellectual Property Guru

Vance is one of the regional go-to experts in intellectual property law. He is spectacular as a mentor and support in the regional startup community. I don’t hesitate sending founders of early stage companies to him at all.


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